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Karhukamera project

Vogon-IT was orginally built on the heritage of karhukamera project, which has been succesfully collecting time-lapse images since 2005. The expertise of our team ranges from traditional IT-support to hard core science in remote sensing.

Time-lapse is predicted to become a wide-range observation tool for everything from a weather camera to a tool for industrial observation and scientific research.

Ulvila Observatory

Ulvila Observatory time-lapse camera has photographed the Pori city horizon since 2005 and it has been taken over 3 million photography. The camera is sealed in a weatherproof box made of stainless steel and the temperature in the box is kept stable with a resistor element that is controlled by a thermostat.

Tara Expedition

R!MU (Really! Moving Unit) is unit that can be easily installed on different platforms. R!MU supported a scientific field campaign near north pole on board arctic schooner Tara in 2007 and its data was used in study: "Melt pond coverage and temporal evolution at driftin station Tara during summer 2007".

RV Lance

The prototype of our ship camera system was installed on RV Lance for a cruise in the Fram Strait during August and September 2007. The simple system provided photos from more than 90% of the cruise, including several days of photos from the marginal ice zone of Greenland.


Helicopter Camera

The helicopter camera is built for aircraft installation. The casing includes mounts that fit the undercarriage of a Jet Ranger helicopter. The unit was used in SNORTEX campaign in northern Finland. FMI used the images to succesfully derive the Leaf Area Index of boreal forest. See: "Leaf Area Index (LAI) Estimation of Boreal Forest Using Wide Optics Airborne Winter Photos".

FMI Camera

The marine research unit of the Finnish Meteorological Institute uses a ship based time-lapse unit to support geophysical studies. The unit is designed for easy installation to different research vessels, such as RV Aranda.

Technip Camera

Technip camera is more traditional web camera system which enables live video streaming from offshore construction site in Pori (Finland) for use of Technip and associates.